• TECHART Formula II GTR Wheel
  • TECHART Formula II GTR Wheel
  • TECHART Formula II GTR Wheel

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TECHART Formula II GTR Wheel

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  • Design: Five-Spoke Monoblock Light Alloy Wheel
  • Sporty Design
  • Sizes: 19- to 23-inch
  • Compatible Vehicles: 986, 987, 981, 996, 997, 991, 95B, 9PA, 92A, 970 models
  • Description

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    TECHART Formula II GTR, the sporty evolution of the classic, combines the lighter weight of a monoblock wheel and the racy character of a multipart styling. Includes a wheel star in gloss black and a matte meteor grey rim flange.

  • AVAILABLE FINISHES: High gloss black with wheel rim in Meteor Grey Matte

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