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Fikse Specialty



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  • 3-Piece Wheels
  • Blind Fastened Forged Center
  • Engineered and Certified to SAE J328 Specifications
  • Description

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    A modern tire selection while enjoying the traditional Stuttgart aesthetic for Porsche automobiles. These 3 piece wheels have a blind forged center and reatain the classic good looks of the originals they pay tribute to.

  • Standard - Satin Black Center, Mirror Polished Outer Rim Representative of the 1974-89 era Fuchs Aesthetic
  • Classic - Mirror Polished Spokes w/ Satin Black Accent on Wheel Center, Mirror Polished Outer Rim
  • Satin Classic - Satin Silver Anodized Spokes w/ Satin Black Accent on Wheel Center, Satin Silver Outer Representative of the Pre-1974 Classic 911
  • RSR Finish - Frosted Anodized Spokes and Outer Shell, Bright Lip, Black Background on Wheel Center Appropriate for the Historic 1973 RSR and Vintage Porsche Motorsport Applications

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