• Fikse Contour
  • Fikse Contour
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Fikse Contour



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  • Vertical I-Beam Spokes
  • Fully Machined Rim Mounting Surfaces Reduce Weight at Largest Diameter
  • Description

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    The Contour Series Wheel was originally designed for and proven in the most demanding racing environments and is not available for you street vehicle. The Contour series ustilizes specifically shaped spokes for maximum stiffness which translates to increased response time and a greater feel for the driver. This is the ultimate street and track use weapon.

  • Standard Finishes - Race Satin, Race Black, Multiple Anodized Colors
  • Premium Finishes and Painted Finishes (available extra option) - Arctic Silver Metallic Gloss, Black Gloss, TechniPolish, Face Polish, Titanium Black, Custom Finishes

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