• BBS Forged Exclusive Series FI
  • BBS Forged Exclusive Series FI

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BBS Forged Exclusive Series FI



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Forging TechnologyForging is a non-cutting forming process for material in a heated, solid condition. In order to generate the highest degree of material density and weight reduction at top performance from our high-strength and durable aluminum or magnesium alloys, they are further enhanced in a complex forging process. This entails placing the heated star hub or the entire wheel blank in a press and compressing it in several work steps at 5000 to 8000 tons of closing pressure to further densify the material in a special form known as a matrix. In between the individual work steps, the blank is repeatedly heated to approx. 400 degrees centigrade. As a result an optimal material structure is achieved particularly at the areas of high strain, the wheel can be dimensioned smaller, and is thereby lighter in weight.


Weight OptimizedBecause the spokes are back-milled, the optimal ratio between weight and stability is achieved for a light alloy wheel. This is achieved using a special CNC milling process, where the lateral parts that hold the wheel spokes, and are not relevant for stability, are removed to reduce the weight of the wheel‘s rotating mass.


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This is where minimal mass meets maximum stability. Forged from alloys used in the aerospace industries, stabilized by flow forming the inner rim well, and optimized by backmilling the spokes, the FI design set new technological standards. The wheel feature convincing delicate design, legendary lightness, and immense strength.



Satin Titan
Satin Black


18", 19", 20"



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