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Akrapovic Slip-On (SS) Abarth 500/595/500C/595C 2015

Add a stainless steel Slip-On exhaust system and make the Abarth even faster, even more responsive, and give it an even more striking look and that unmistakable sporty Akrapovic sounds. The largest difference compared to stock is most noticeable when the optional Wireless kit for adjustable sound is used. When the exhaust valve is open, the sound becomes significantly deeper and tastefully louder, but still entirely without droning.


Performance facts apply to the performance exhaust with the wireless kit and open valves. The system without the wireless kit has a point-welded black in the link pipe that prevents bypassing the muffler. Please note: when the bypass is unblocked, the EC type approval is not valid. Complete the look with a set of 115 mm tailpipes in either titanium or carbon fibre.





This product will not fit on US spec Abarth.