• Akrapovic Evolution (Titanium) Mercedes-AMG SLS AMG Coupe/Roadster
  • Akrapovic Evolution (Titanium) Mercedes-AMG SLS AMG Coupe/Roadster

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Akrapovic Evolution (Titanium) Mercedes-AMG SLS AMG Coupe/Roadster



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Made of titanium alloy, the Evolution exhaust system is a "cat back" system. The performance exhaust system futher enhances the driving experience with the famed unmistakable deep resonant sound of Akrapovic, which is controlled with a Wireless kit for exhaust valve control. When the valves are open, this powerful machine roars like a typical V8 muscle car. Complete the lok with a pair of stunning handcrafted carbon fibre tailpipes with a special titanium alloy core.

  • Maximum Power: +12.2 HP(i) at 5820 rpm
  • Maximum Weight: -27.3 lbs
  • Maximum Torque: +9.9 lb-ft at 5720 rpm
  • CARB Compliant (Replacement Part)



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Akrapovic has created a high-performance titanium Evolution exhaust system to further enhance this legendary performance car with a massive 6.3-liter V8. It offers significant weight savings that aid handling and the power improvement is delivered across the rev range.


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