• Akrapovic Evolution Race (Titanium) Porsche 911 GT3/RS (997 FL)

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Akrapovic Evolution Race (Titanium) Porsche 911 GT3/RS (997 FL)



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The Evolution Race includes handcrafted titanium headers with 100 cpsi sports catalytic convertors and cast titanium flanges. These headers/catalytics convertors, in conjuction with a titanium center muffler, offer the maximum power increase at the lowest weight configuration for the GT3 line. Concrete weight savings behind the rear axle translate into improved weight distribution and handling. In addition to the enhanced accleration gained by the weight savings, power and torque are also increased. The look is completed with a set of titanium tailpipes and mandatory rear carbon fibre lip.

  • Maximum Power: +16.2 HP(i) at 4490 rpm
  • Maximum Weight: -56.9 lbs
  • Maximum Torque: +16.7 lb-ft at 4128 rpm
  • CARB Non-Compliant


  • Rear Carbon fibre lip - 01-08-28-0001



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The Evolution Race system is built for the track with a sound to match. Deep, loud, and aggressive, the Evolution Race system will have your car soundling like a true GT racer.


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