• Brembo GT Brake System
  • Brembo GT Brake System
  • Brembo GT Brake System
  • Brembo GT Brake System

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Brembo GT Brake System

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  • System Includes (Per Axle): Calipers, Discs, Brake Lines, Caliper Mounting Brackets, and Brake Pads
  • Caliper Construction / Material: Cast, Aluminum-alloy, Monobloc or 2-piece
  • Number of Pistons: 2, 4, 6, 8
  • Piston Design / Material: Dust Boot and Inner Pressure Seal
  • Caliper FInish: Red, Black, Silver, Yellow
  • Disc Design: 1 or 2-Piece
  • Disc Type: Slotted, Drilled
  • Disc Finish: Zinc



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Brembo GT systems are revolutionary in their design and performance. This system is designed vehicle specific for maximum performance and "optimum brake balance." The caliper body has been designed to be as light as possible while meeting stiffness criteria.


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