• AP3C 0990
  • AP3C 0990

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AP3C 0990

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  • ALLOY: Proprietary Alloy
  • PROFILES: xConcave, Concave, Shallow
  • TECHNOLOGY: Full Undercut Hub, Full Pocketed Backpad, Angled Spoke, Grooved Flange, Apex Center Cap
  • CONSTRUCTIONS: 1-Piece, 2-Piece, 3-Piece
  • WIDTHS: 8.5", 9.0", 9.5", 10.0", 10.5", 11.0", 11.5", 12.0", 12.5", 13.0"
  • DIAMETERS: 18", 19", 20", 21", 22
  • WEIGHT SAVINGS - Up to 20%


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APEX edition represents the pinnacle of wheel design. Apex offers our most advanced wheel technology, material usage, and technological design innovation, and is specifically designed for supercars and exotics. Full undercut hub and assembly flanges remove excess material in areas most manufacturers ignore. Full backpad lightening pockets remove additional weight and are included standard. The Apex edition also includes a unique 3D center cap and additional logo cuts for a more technical look.

TOURING edition is sleek and elegant. Designed for high-end sedans and SUV’s, Touring focuses on clean lines and detailing, including refined spoke and assembly flange accents. Spoke side pockets are standard, as are full backpad lightening pockets, because we feel style shouldn’t require compromise. A Touring specific hub area and traditional center cap result in wheels tailored to high end street applications.


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